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We Solubilis offer international trademark registration by registering the trademarks country by country. There are some regional agreements that allow to secure your mark in multiple countries with the help of a single application. Our trademark attorneys started their journey with Solubilis since 2009. We provide worldwide trademark filing. The desired team is here to help you to get trademark certificate in a single country or worldwide protection. In every single country there is no need to contact the consultants. Our expert’s team currently covers over 180 jurisdictions worldwide. International trademark registration can be filed under the Madrid protocol by the trademark applicant via trademark office.

Basic Application / Registration / basic mark to the office of origin

Certifies the international application and forward it to the WIPO

Mark registration in international register & publish registration in gazette

Registration Scope can be determined by domestic law within 12/18 months

In case of Indian Business, the office of the registrar of Trademark is the origin of the office. The origin of office will develop the trademark registration application with the intellectual property organization at Geneva. If the application for the mark is found fit then it will be recorded in the international register and published in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The international Bureau provides an international registration certificate and notifies each country about the filing process. Each country’s trademark bureau has the full rights to refuse the application by notifying to the international bureau with some time limits that are mentioned in the Madrid Protocol. The valid time to raise the objection is 12 or 18 months.

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Things You Get

Applicant has only need to file one application at one language with a single payment mode.

Filing applications separately in the trademark office in different language for various contracting parties is not necessary.

Applicant need not to wait for the refusal. The office itself notifies the application status.

Applicant getthe statement of grant protection instead of waiting for the time limit.

For renewal of the application there is only one expiry date and one registration.

International trademark is the advantages of Trademark Offices. They do not need to examine compliances

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